Raising Tomorrow's Champions 

By Joanna Lohman & Paul Tukey

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A book for families and athletes who strive to be their best, but recognize that champions are not always the ones holding the trophies.
Raising Tomorrow's Champions includes life lessons from our greatest all-time soccer players including... 
Mia Hamm
Abby Wambach
Crystal Dunn
Megan Rapinoe
Alex Morgan
Michelle Akers
Shannon Boxx
and nearly 100 others!

Inside The Book

Each page of this 255 page book is full of stories, photographs and inspiration! Swipe through for an inside peek! 
  • Raising Tomorrow's Champions Table of Contents
  • Raiting Tomorrow's Champions - Inspiration
  • Raising Tomorrow's Champions: Chapter 15 - Injuries
  • Raising Tomorrow's Champions: Chapter 17 - Hardship
  • Raising Tomorrow's Champions: Chapter 19 - Leadership

About The Book

THE 2007 NATIONAL TEAM: (Front row, from left) Natasha Kai, Lindsay Tarpley Snow, Heather Mitts Feeley, Christina Frimpong Ellertson, Joanna Lohman, Heather O’Reilly, Lori Chalupny. (Back row, from left) Leslie Osborne, Kate Markgraf, Briana Scurry, Lauren Cheney Holiday, Casey Nogueira Loyd, Yael Averbuch, Carli Lloyd, Angela Hucles and Hope Solo
Ask most of the millions of pre-teen soccer-playing girls in America if they plan to make the U.S. Women’s National Team someday and the answer for them — and most of their parents — will be a resounding “Yes!” Among the most successful international teams in any sport in the past three decades, the USNWT has emerged as a collective cultural icon, with its individual members redrafting the very definition of female across the globe. With the lines blurring between male and female behavior, girls are competing ferociously and celebrating wildly without apology. Women are demanding gender and racial equity, while dressing and speaking authentically, and loving however and whomever they choose.
The reality is that making the National Team is about as likely as winning the lottery. Of the tens of millions of soccer players since the team was formed in 1985, only 241 women have ever made it to the highest level as of 2020. In Raising Tomorrow's Champions, one of those players, 16-year professional Joanna Lohman, joins current soccer dad and 40-year journalist Paul Tukey to share the team members’ stories, from the early pioneers like Michelle Akers, Brandi Chastain and Mia Hamm, who are now parents themselves, to modern-day household names like Abby Wambach, Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe. For a true picture of what makes these women champions, Joanna and Paul also talked to their parents, coaches and teammates.

The result of this unprecedented access to the National Team is a stunningly revealing portrait of what it takes to make it to the top, not just in soccer, but in life. Not every child will make the most elite team, but the choices they — and their families — make in the face of challenge and adversity may define their childhood, their high school experiences, their college options, and their path forward in life.
Not every child will necessarily even play soccer, but the lessons shared within Raising Tomorrow's Champions can help him or her become accomplished, authentic, and satisfied adults no matter what path they choose.

About The Authors

Joanna Lohman & Paul Tukey
Joanna Lohman holding retired soccer jersey
A 16-year soccer professional and former National Team member, Joanna Lohman, aka “the Rainbow Warrior,” joins soccer dad and award-winning journalist Paul Tukey in Raising Tomorrow’s Champions: What the Women’s National Soccer Team Teaches Us About Grit, Authenticity and Winning. With unprecedented access to members of this iconic team, many of whom were Joanna’s teammates and opponents, the book offers intimate insights into what it takes to develop the grit to win in sports and life and become your authentic self in the process.
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